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Terms of Service

  1. You undertake and warrant that you as a legal individual have the full right to enter into an agreement under the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  2. We collect and process your information, such as your name and email address, when you register. You must provide accurate and complete information, keep it up to date, and agree to provide us with any proof of identity as reasonably requested by us. If the information you give us changes, for example, if you change your email address, or if you want to cancel your account, please update the details by submitting a request to us. We will, in our sole discretion, endeavor to make the requested change within thirty (30) business days of receipt of notice of the change.

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Thương hiệu tiên phong về AIOT (Artificial Intelligence of Things – trí tuệ nhân tạo vạn vật) để tạo ra các giải pháp chuyển đổi số đột phá, thông minh và hiệu quả cho doanh nghiệp Việt Nam.

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